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The modern technological developments create a wide platform for our life. Travel & communication system offers, a universal outlook, global opportunities for education and opportunities for job and business anywhere in this world.  Preventia group, is a team work, of realization on the connection of Wealth & Wellness for the success of life.  The basic need of humanity is a peaceful life.

Preventia gorup is co-ordinating the three major segments - Health, Wellness & Resources with a universal outlook.   



We acknowledge that every success happens only with the co-operation and team work of like-minded people.  Preventia management follows the system of small business units.  


We are open to collaborate with technichal and skilled expertise, for the development and success in the modern competitive market.  We value the futuristic views of our investing partners for spreading the ideologies from India to the world. 


Our Mumbai registered office is heading the activities of The Preventia Group and the main back offices of our business units.  Our wellness wing is also headed from Mumbai with demonstration and co-ordination facilities.  Our Bangalore office heads the training and healthcare administration.  Our medicine manufacturing wing is licensed in Chennai.                   

The Preventia Management is well focussed on charitable activities and social reformations.  We support the humanity through the LUMINOUS Charitable Trust for the last 8 years. 

Through the Trust, we conduct, women empowerment programs (SAKTHIKA), Autism research programs and other charitable activities like feeding the poor, education support, Stress analysis and survive for farmers etc. 

BPM Therapy (Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy), a special inventional Ayurvedic approach with Yogic fundamentals, is exclusively promoted by Preventia Healthcare.  This method was clinically observed through medical colleges in various parts of our country for 4 years under dignified doctors.  This method was developed by Dr. Hareesh (Our Chairman), on the sole intention of fast recovery by integrating modern and ancient health systems.  This method of therapy is being practiced since 2005. 

Preventia Group is a conglomeration of 10 registered firms to support three major categories of life.

The Preventia Group includes,  success story of 30+ years old Jasper International to the new born Jasper Creations along with other health and wellness portfolios. 


Our Medicine manufacturing wing - HERBOSURE, produces our own research results from very rare herbal formulas.  More than 30 patented medicines are the back bone of Herbosure. 


Our Healthcare wing promotes the ideology of Integrated Multi-disciplinary health approach with maximum reduced internal medicaitons. 

The conglomeration was formed to express and maintain an ideology of life science trinity - Health - Wellness -Resources,  and its perfect equilibrium for a fruitful life. 

Registered office



A-1, Jay Chambers, Nandapatkar road

Vile Parle East

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

E-mail: admin@thepreventia.com

Administration office


2nd floor, Symphony, 

Nehru road

Vileparle east

Mumbai -57

Training & Operations



Preventia House

Near Gubbicross

Hennur main road

Bangalore -77

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